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pitmilly house

A Visionary Interior Designer

The smallest details can make a real impact when it comes to designing a space, but only a true professional knows how to bring these details together to create a seamless design. That’s where pitmilly house comes in. They can build new or combine the old with the new to create a one of a kind design. This is what sets them apart. 

Owner, Kiersten Brien, has been building and designing since she was a little girl. Raised by incredibly talented parents, she learned the tricks of the trade early on. Her mother taught her to challenge her creativity and never turn it off. While her father learned early on that "his" workshop was now "their" workshop.

Pitmilly house is named after one of designer, Kiersten Brien's, favorite places to visit in Scotland. Originally located in a small town next to Saint Andrews, it was known for it grain. The main house over time was torn down, but the rest of the farm and cottages still stand, creating a magical resort that delivers the most spectacular views. Its architecture and elements are truly inspiring. Get in touch to find out what they can do for your design project.

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